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Dr. Rick Mayer

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Our State(SAVE) sites are the main focal point for our BuyLocal campaigns and we are taking this to multiple states. We are now in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, New York and The Caribbean with more states coming.

There is a lot to take in so take your time. but you must let us know if you are interested in a Free Listing as no salesperson will be calling you.

Welcome to the world of

Proximity Marketing

GeoTargetng / WayFinding

The Smart Phone is Changing the Game, but you already knew that. COVID just dramatically accelerated the timeline. 

TOUCHLESS is the new buzzword and companies are coming out of the woodwork touting their latest GeoFencing system.  News Flash, they are ALL on borrowed time because the major players have listened to us in regards to pop-up ads. 

The way most companies have done this is either changing or they are out of business.

Free Tools

Google is your friend and we show you how to make that friendship flourish. We aren't one of those Google Scammers you get calls and emails from on a regular basis.

You are sharp, go ahead and check out the site. See for yourself if we really do have something for you.

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No sales person will call on you.
You need to let us know if you want to claim your Free Listings.
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Begin at UtahSAVE.com or one of our other states.
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As you saw above you can upgrade to a more robust system at any time but you can stay free as long as you like and customers will find you.

If you have a special circumstance and your business is in trouble, see SaveMyBusiness.net and apply. We have some excellent supporters and we may be able to help you for free.