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Our national BuyLOCAL™ campaign is going throughout the Western Hemisphere and we're now in several states and The Caribbean, with Canada and even Africa coming soon.

The State(SAVE) sites are the local area lookup for buying local and are linked by area through BuyLOCAL™. We not only educate the public on this important concept we give them a means to do it. 

You can see an example by linking from BuyLOCAL™ above or directly to the UtahSAVE™ example here.
We have multiple additional business building tools you may find interesting but at the very least, why not take your Free State(SAVE) listing and start getting your Free Customers?
Note: You'll need to let us know if you want a free listing as no salesman will be calling you.

Proximity Marketing

The Smart Phone is Changing the Game, but you already knew that. Touchless is the new buzzword. 

Companies are coming out of the woodwork touting their latest GeoFencing systems but they ALL are on borrowed time because the major players have listened to consumers about pop-up ads. The way most companies have done this is either changing or they are out of business.

Free Tools

Google is your friend and we show you how to make that friendship flourish. Goo-Tools is just one example and you'll see a LOT MORE on the Free Tools link above.

You are sharp, go ahead and check out the site. See for yourself if we really do have something for you.

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No sales person will call on you.
You need to let us know if you want to claim your Free Listings.
This isn't a bait and switch, Free means FREE but you must contact us.
Begin at BuyLOCAL™ or one of our State(SAVE) sites.
If you are in an area where we don't have a presence, lets talk.

You can add any of our exclusive business building tools at any time, including the Free ones, and your free listing always remains free.

If you have a special circumstance and your business is in real trouble, see SaveMyBusiness.net.
We have some excellent supporters and may be able to help in other ways for free but you need to apply.

Our BuyLOCAL™ system is expanding all across the Western Hemisphere.
Let us know if you or your organization would like to be involved.
There is No Charge. Our goal is to Help Local Businesses and Communities.

On some listings you will see these.

By State & Area.

The Caribbean has launched.

Canada coming soon.